Friday, February 1, 2013

Talk Time Episode 21

Emily and Micah are back and they are talking....duuhhhhhhhh! This week: More dumpster discussion, Toddlers and Tiaras, and Emily and Micah tell the story of how they met! All this and more plus an entertainment report from Jon! Thanks for listening! Click this to listen!

1 comment:

  1. The dog jumped up on the banker guy! Why did that strike me so funny? Well it did.
    “It’s not a sin to be tempted.” I totally remember james Dobson saying this!
    Mime class??????? Are you serious??????
    You guys do talk the same! I never really thought about it! David and I think micah talks like Duncan trussell and I think you talk like maria bamford. Two of our very favorite comedians, weird!
    “you were asking too much in my opinion.”
    “I just wrote letters but I made them kind of threatening.”
    He drew a picture of himself riding a turtle and waving!!!!!!!!!!!
    I want to sing the ageless medley with you!
    Lost your job a month before you got married! Ain’t that some shit hahahaha
    “we could look it up. Nah.”
    I could totally sing the song to perfect strangers! My sister had a stuffed sheep she named dimitri. Oh! Did you know clay aiken auditioned for American idol with the theme from perfect strangers?
    Growing pains! I can think of it…it was bj Thomas…huh huh bj…SHOW ME THAT SMILE AGAIN. Oh I’m totally going crazy wanting to be there and show off how I know how the theme to growing pains starts!
    Those editors are artists!
    Toddlers and tiaras is the only show I can’t watch, it hits too close to home! Omg I first typed mom instaed of home. Subliminal much?
    I love supernanny! But I haven’t picked up on shaming. I will look for it!
    Let’s get you trashed talk time hahahahaha talk time’s gonna barf tonight!
    I appreciate the way you took time out of your busy schedule hahahahaha
    Taking a bath in your clothes!
    Secret sketchbook hahahaha
    Omg stay! My blog picture is a photo david took of me while I was holding a guitar and singing this dong my lisa loeb impression!