Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Talk Time Episode 22

Emily and Micah are back, and oh yeah, should probably mention that THEY ARE TALKING! This week's topics include: Stories about Micah's old jobs, over the counter stimulants, and unfortunately, more dumpster talk. Plus, an entertainment report from Jon! Thanks for listening! Click this to listen!

1 comment:

  1. “I kind of sealed my identity as a dumpster guy.”
    “dumpster diving really saves the earth.”
    “run through your worst date.” “NO!”
    “did any lesbian stuff happen or was it just pretty much…”
    Revive with vivarin!!!!!
    Trucker speed hahahahaha that is my new dj name. dj trucker speed
    “Aretha franklin has a farting problem” hahaha omg the sound effect!
    Omg I have a special relationship with Conway twitty’s “hello darlin.” once when I was about 7 the commercial for his album would came on tv and my granddad said “goddammit!” and changed the channel and I laughed and laughed!
    “I just realized I’m embarrassed about my potholder. I’m holding out for something.”
    Truffle tacos sounds dirty.
    I love all this dead air during the Hollywood report!
    “is he a black person or a white person?”
    I love how the song micah knows well is man in the mirror!
    A couple of cowboys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hubba hubba!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!