Friday, March 8, 2013

Talk Time Episode 23

Emily and Micah are back and they have decided to do some talking! This week, Micah's awkward working relationship with a Smokey Robinson look-a-like and superfan, Emily tells a few weird stories about womanhood, the Jesus/John Lennon link according to a security guard, and MORE! Plus, all the latest from Hollyweird with JON! Thanks for listening!!!!!!! Click this to listen!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. *just pretend there are five or ten exclamation points after all of these excerpts because that’s the exuberance with which these each made me laugh*
    Are you going to be English style or western style?
    A book for people who aren’t married yet
    Adults but not married yet! What we all should have been!!
    Getting ready for what? Love? …making?
    He made me draw when you make a donut with one hand and a finger with another.
    Santana to hosanna!
    Appropriate time together!!!!!!!
    (I love the timing of where you cut off the weezer song. That was funny and good)
    Oh boy the lactating story!
    There’s no way that latching felt amazing. That hurts for the first couple weeks.
    Heather cinnamon!!!
    What is this butt-wiping song? I think I’m in heaven!
    You don’t know how much I’m loving this story about the son of the thrift store lady. You just don’t know.
    A big girl!
    I can do it if I want to!
    One of our options was to laugh but that’s off the table now
    That’s nothing to scoff at!
    Two girls at my work have never heard of alf!
    Alf is like hey I’m gonna eat cats and I’m a dick